My one sided stocking

It Fits!!!

I never thought I would ever be so excited for a stocking. I hate stockings. I mean, I HATE stockings. Wearing panty hose is torture for me. I feel like my skin can’t breathe…like it’s suffocating under all the nylon.

My One-sided Stocking

The fabric of the stocking is incredably thick. So much so, that it almost feels more like a pair of leggings. Well, a one sided legging at least 😉

The style is called an open toe chap style, 30-40 mmHg. Yes, it does fit like a chap. The waist piece uses Velcro and wraps around my waist. The compression technically ends a few inches down the inseam, but the remaining fabric also has some compression effect. It has more stretch to it than the majority of the stocking, so it’s not considered part of the compressive area. But it still gives a decent squeeze.


Yes, this is me wearing a bathing suit so as to not offend anyone. I would wear this to the pool in front of my parents. And in front of my mother-in-law. I want to show you how this really fits, so you can make your own decision on this type/style stocking in the future.

My one complaint about the stocking is that the half moon part around my waist seems to be fairly loose. You can see my bathing suit tie bunched under that part, which helps show how it bunches. The belt also has a tail to it that flaps around. So I roll the belt down, and it seems to fix both these problems.


The ankle is the hardest part to put on. It has a heel patch that is looser than the surrounding area and feels as though it is double stitched for strength. (Thank goodness! This thing is too expensive for holes!) The ankle area circumference is the smallest part, smaller than the foot area. So be prepared to wrangle a bit while getting the stocking over your ankle.

I do like the toe area. The open toe allows my foot to breathe and the inch of fabric below my toes has a soft stretch. I don’t notice any discomfort, rolling, or digging around the foot, even when putting on socks and shoes.

I can even wear my skinnies! 🙂

How do you like your lymphedema compression stockings? What style works best for you? Do you have any tips or tricks on how to wear the chap style? Leave a comment!

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