First Shot Down!

Whew – it’s been a busy week! Detoxing, volunteer orientation, appointments, and my first dose of Sylatron. I’m really cramming it in after my birthday. Funny how my life was SO incredibly different just one year ago. But you know what? I’m still thankful for every day I have ahead of me…good and bad.

Detoxing went well, overall. I was on a restricted diet (I feel like I’m ALWAYS on a restricted diet these days!!) but I learned a lot, and it really reinforced the diet I have chosen since my cancer diagnosis. No refined sugar (cancer has a sweet tooth), no bread or wheat, as much organic as humanly possible, free range and grass fed meats, LOTS of green leafy veggies, veggies of the rainbow, and fresh fruit. I learned about Kefir, and I’ve loved the process of experimenting with it. I know this type of diet isn’t for everyone, but the more I read on the food industry, the more I realize how little I knew about nutrition. And I aim to change this for a happy (and healthy!) future.

My Detox packet with all kinds of health secrets!
My Detox packet with all kinds of health secrets!

I got the idea to detox from Dr. Josh Axe. I’ve been a follower of his since my diagnosis in April. He has a great website, filled with natural ways to get heal and get healthy. I think his program would be great for someone new to the “food as medicine” idea. As I have been eating this way for almost a year, the program didn’t help me quite as much. It seemed a bit unorganized and haphazard…no clear start date, no clear instructions on his recipes, and his recipes were kind of disappointing. But like I said, I’ve been following this diet for quite some time, so I have a LOT of great recipes up my sleeve. I’m glad I signed up, though, because the Facebook group does keep you motivated!

I also met with my oncologist’s nurse and NP who will be coordinating my care while starting my immunotherapy. I really loved both ladies…very knowledgable, very understanding, and they really take a team approach to treatment. They want me to call and report any/all symptoms to them on a weekly basis, and I’ll have appointments with them every 2 weeks until I get in the swing of things. Even though the symptoms vary widely, they assured me they’d seen it all. (And the way they discussed things, I’m sure they have!) They showed me how to do the injections, and I must have been the easiest student ever with my background. I couldn’t imagine having to mix my own injection if I was a patient with NO medical background…it would be terrifying!

My immunotherapy
My immunotherapy…and my cat investigating!

So my first injection was Friday night. Everyone says to expect flu-like symptoms for the first 24-48 hours. I’m on 24 hours now, and MAN, I’m feeling it! I’ve spiked a fever twice, had chills and hot flashes, achiness and headaches, and haven’t slept a wink. I definitely feel like I have the flu and I haven’t strayed far from the couch.  I’m soooo glad I have my amazing hubby here with me on a weekend to help!

The worst part of the symptoms has been the brain fog and headaches. I feel “fuzzy” and not sharp. This seems to hang around even after the waves of headaches. Most patients state that the most consistent symptom is fatigue, so this might be my version of that symptom. I’m hoping this won’t last forever, though! Stop back in – I’ll update you again soon!

The home for my new sharps container
The home for my new sharps container


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