How a banana peel may save your skin

I love science. I love science because it can be so simple, and yet so intricate. When I hear about cancer research, oftentimes it’s incredibly detailed with minutia and way over my head. Even looking up details of my specific staging and deciphering the medical language can be a daunting task. How did science get so complicated?!

It doesn’t have to be!

I found this article the other day thanks to a fellow Molemate. The simplicity of this science is mind-boggling. There is an enzyme in black spots on banana peels called Tyrosinase, which just so happens to also be present in Melanoma. Genius! So a lab in Europe is working on a sensor that can detect the levels of Tyrosinase in moles.


This is HUGE! If they can develop these sensors, there will no longer be a need for a biopsy to determine melanoma. Many of us with a melanoma diagnosis begin to look like Swiss Cheese due to all the biopsies, and this would alleviate that pain.

It all sounds so simple. This is science at work, folks! Hoping this science develops into something more.

Here’s the article:

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