Does YOUR yoga class accept coupons?

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I took a yoga class back in college to fulfill my PE requirements and I REALLY REALLY hated it. The instructor was a super patchouli-smelling granola-crunching tree-hugging lady who looked like she wandered off the streets of San Francisco circa 1967. She insisted that it was cruel to eat meat, and touted vegetarian rice and beans as a “complete protein”. We did some sun salutations, learned basic poses, and then we would lay in corpse pose for 20 minutes.

I never broke a sweat and fell asleep every class. It was sooooooo boring. I dreaded going.

I passed the class and threw in the towel on yoga. I told myself yoga was totally for wimps.

That was over 10 years ago (I’m leaving it at that because a lady never tells her age). I opened up to yoga again when I was going through treatment for melanoma. I didn’t have the energy to work out, and I felt myself wasting away.

I wanted to do something physical…but not TOO physical. And I also wanted to be able to create a more holistic lifestyle that help me focus on getting rid of daily mental stress.

So I gave yoga another shot. I got a book on poses and downloaded some apps. I actually started to enjoy yoga. I could put my body to (gentle) use and stretching helped my lymphedema. I started to see results and began to enjoy it more and more.

But I kinda got stuck. I wanted something more interactive and more physical now that I’m back to my old self. Yet, classes were out of the question. I refuse to shell out $15 a class for something that I wanted to incorporate into my weekly schedule. Even the cheapest monthly yoga classes I could find – $10 a class – that could be $50 a week! Did that math and said NOPE. No way.

So I scoured the internet. YouTube videos here, online classes there. None of them were great so I kept scouring.

And I hit the jackpot! Seriously – this is the BEST online yoga! It’s a group called “The Yoga Collective” and they film classes from their studio in California. It has everything you could ask for from an in-person yoga class but right there online! You can select your instructor, your level of difficulty, what area you want to work on, the length of time…ANYTHING!

It’s like having a studio instructor in your living room! And one that I can take with me while I’m traveling for work, which is HUGE for me.

I feel very sales-y touting this company, and I apologize if it comes off that way. But I can assure you – I have absolutely NO connection to them besides just being an insanely happy customer. If you want to try it out, they offer a 15 day trial for free. Absolutely free to try! How can you say no, you secret Yogis out there??

And I have to fill you in on a little secret. I found a Groupon for the group and got a year for about $12…YES $12!!! That’s the price of ONE class!! This comes out to a couple CENTS per class!! To add the cherry on top,  you can order your Groupon through Ebates and earn money back!! My inner coupon lady is singing “the hills are alive” and dancing an Irish jig right now!

I don’t think that my version of yoga is ANYTHING like the yoga I did in college. I consistency break a sweat while on the mat and don’t feel bad about the grass-fed burger I eat afterwards. I’m happy I re-found yoga to mold it into what works for me (and at a price that doesn’t break the bank!) I hope you ALL find what works best for you to live a long happy, healthy life.




I am always amazed at the new-and-improved science that’s discovered on a daily basis. Treatments, drugs, genetic makeup of disease…it is incredible what we can accomplish. I have a huge respect for science and the amazing breakthroughs in the medical field.

As a science-minded person, I often have a hard time correlating how I feel about science, medicine, and holistic health. I believe that science has improved our quality of life dramatically. But it has also become such a band-aid for us patients. High blood pressure? We have a medicine to fix that. Fever? That too. Asthma? Yup. Pain? Oh, yes.

Are you relying on medicines rather than natural health?
Are you relying on medicines rather than natural health?

But so many of these meds are just a quick fix for an underlying problem. We take our health (and our medical system) for granted. We have begun to rely on medicine to “fix” us, when all we are doing is masking and ignoring our poor health choices. And so the cycle of poor health can never break.

Since my diagnosis of melanoma in April, I have decided to break my own poor health cycle; I have taken up researching as much about holistic health as possible. I’m taking responsibility for my poor health choices in the past and changing my life. I don’t trust the medicines available to “fix” me by themselves, even though I worked in healthcare my whole career. I want to take responsibility for my health…partly because I trust myself more than I trust the system, and partly because I know my body better than anyone else.

I’ve seen how the system works, people! Do you think that a 20 minute conversation with a doctor allows for them to REALLY figure out the problem? Do you think that a heart attack just “happens” to someone in perfect health? Do you think the health care system, run through lobby groups, private insurance companies, and hospital systems making millions of dollars a year, REALLY care about your health? No – absolutely not!! No doctor, no system, NO ONE truly cares about your health but you and your family. So much of our poor health is self-directed and self-inflicted. Lifestyle choices on a daily basis add up to a lifetime of choices before we know it. So if not now, when?

I’ve decided not to rely solely on modern medicine to cure my cancer. No doctor knows my body the way that I do, even with all the technology available. There are so many resources out there on how to improve your health and your life, and we shouldn’t wait until a real problem occurs for us to take action. The

I’m taking responsibility for my health. I hope I’ve inspired you to do the same. Really…What are you waiting for?